نشرت من قبل hvadmin في

    • بيض

    • Strapatsada

      scrambled eggs with tomato and feta cheese ( V )

    • Cretan Breakfast

      fried eggs on top of a potato pancake, staka butter and graviera cheese flakes

    • Sfouggato from Santorini

      oven baked omelette with zucchini, onions and anthotiro cheese (V, GF)

    • Froutalia from Andros

      egg omelette with sausage and graviera cheese

    • Creamy Scrambled Eggs

      ( V )

    • Healthy Egg white omelette

      with smoked turkey and green bell peppers

    • Eggs Benedict

      on top of buttered and  toasted bread with bacon and hollandaise sauce

    • Boiled eggs 5’ - 7’ - 10’

      upon request

    • Pancakes

      with honey and nuts or with walnut praline and biscuit crumbles *

    • Basket

    • Healthy Basket

      tahini spread, honey, nuts, yogurt, cereal bars, seasonal fruits, whole wheat bread, smoked turkey, gouda cheese *

    • Breakfast Basket

      marmalade, chocolate spread, butter, bread, croissants, homemade pie of the day, boiled egg *